Now I am nowhere near up there with all those digital entrepreneurs, story tellers and influencers who have digital marketing sown up. I am self taught and consider myself competent (maybe not confident) with all the young guns’ platforms like TikTok, Insta, Pinterest etc. I am more confident with LinkedIn and that has a very different audience from those others mentioned.

What about you? What about your brand on any of these platforms? How strong is it? How confident are you at engaging with others through social media?

How are these digital skills needed in a working environment?

Employees with digital skills help businesses to build and maintain customer relationships. In a post-Covid world, now more than ever, businesses need to respond to changing expectations of their customers.

What are employers looking for when they ask for digital savvy people? They are looking for staff who are competent and confident with email, social media platforms and how to reach customers on these platforms. They want story tellers who can sell through the medium of social media the company brand, their own brand and in doing so, attract and engage new and existing customers.

If you’re lacking in digital marketing knowledge, it’s never too late to up-skill or re-skill through some of the many free tutorials out there.

These skills are so important, particularly if you’re looking to change industries or start in any industry. Through up-skilling in your own time, you are showcasing that genuine passion and appetite to learn and that goes a long way with employers. They will view you as someone receptive to change.

You all may have your own personal social media accounts but it’s very different running an account or social campaign on behalf of a company. There’s everything from paid social marketing to creating content to social analytics and reporting. This is why I strongly advise looking at some of these courses, if this is something you’re interested in. It will seriously enhance your employability as well.

Free digital marketing courses for Job Seekers

HubSpot Academy

Facebook Blueprint

Google Digital Garage

Future Learn

Online Marketing courses – several different course providers

General Assembly – paid

Digital Skills Academy – paid

Happy learning 🙂

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