A question I had recently was “can you talk about some skills a lot of people gain without realising” – this related to both CV/covering email and interview.

Let me answer this:

Yes, and always do with one proviso – how are these skills you worked out you have going to add value to the role or to the employer? You need to highlight them in context and let me explain:

What most people are really good at is listing out every responsibility they’ve ever had in a job. What most people don’t do is relate to the responsibility they had with the skill they gained from carrying out that responsibility.

I’ll use the example of a Customer Service job but this could literally be applied to any job. Imagine the scenario where a customer complains about something they’re not happy with. The outcome needed is customer resolution. So, what’s the skill?

The first skill you would use is ‘listening’ and ‘communicating with the customer’ i.e. verbal communication.

You have to then solve the issue they’re complaining about – ‘problem solving

You also have to empathise with their situation and not be rude, much as you may want to be at times!

So, you can see just from that initial complaint, and within the first few minutes, you’ve already demonstrated ‘in demand transferable skills’.

A technique to help you with this in your current role is:

Create 2 columns

  1. In the first column, list out all of the responsibilities you have in your job
  2. In the second column, write down all of the skills you gained from carrying out that responsibility.

Hope this helps 🙂

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