Let’s face it and no-one is 100% happy in their job all day, every day. There are lots of things that annoy or frustrate us and that’s OK, it’s perfectly normal.

When those feelings are for long periods and continuous, then you’re out of alignment with the role or the organisation and it’s time to do something about it. Your are out of alignment and your needs are not being met by your current role or employers. This is where I can help you either address the current situation you’re in and try and effect change there, or I can help you move onto something else.

This diagram I’ve put together may help you understand yourself a bit more and why you feel the way you do.

When you’re a job seeker and actively looking for new roles, there is only one way to do that and it is the right way. I write about this and I also coach people in how to do it. It all starts with you! What do you stand for, what is your brand? What is important to you in a job? How important are your values and psychologists will often say that, as humans, we are programmed to compromise but when our values are at stake, that’s a whole different ball game. I am very much driven by my strong values of honesty, integrity, doing the right thing by people and being open and transparent.

Looking at the image above, and all of the left hand side relates to you. What are you offering the employer and is it a match for what they’re looking for? Similarly, what is the employer offering you and are you happy with it all? Are your needs being met right now? If you’re unhappy in your current role, then I would confidently say they’re not and you’re out of alignment with the role or the organisation or both. It’s time to re-evaluate and if you would like me to help you with that, just let me know.

I’d ask you to seriously look at this diagram and think about the last time you were truly happy in the workplace. You would have been in alignment with what the employer wants versus what you offer. You would be happy with the working environment and your values would have been aligned with those of the employer.

This is what makes happy people stay in a job for prolonged periods of time. If you’ve moved around a lot, that would suggest you are still searching for your alignment and I would be happy to help you with that.

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