You’ve probably heard the term ‘transferable skills’ and you may be one of the many people who have little to no idea what it actually means. When I mention this to job seekers during a coaching session, quite often I’m met with a response of ‘but I have no skills’. Many people actively looking for a job think this relates to academic qualification when in fact only 20% relates to that. So, what does the other 80% relate to, I hear you ask?

Well, it relates to attitude + skill. When an employer recruits from the 80% (attitude & potential) rather than the 20% (Quals), the chances of that being a good match are vastly increased.

Some of the transferable skills, highly sought after by most employers are:

• Customer care/focus

• Mentoring/coaching

• Ability to inspire others

• Flexibility

• Motivational leadership

• Leadership & management

• Decision making

• Problem solving

• Good team player

• Good work ethic

• Reliable and punctual

• Honesty & integrity

How many of these can you demonstrate, rather than declare?

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