So many job seekers spend time putting together a CV which is a detailed account of what they have done and they send this same CV in response to each job advert they are applying to.

A job advert is simply an employer telling potential applicants ‘these are the problems I have and I’m looking for someone to solve them’.

What they’re looking for, and the CV that will grab their attention and interest them enough to want to interview, is the one that clearly demonstrate they are a solution, based on having solved similar problems in the past. I’m talking about fully targeted CVs which clearly show your results rather than one that reads like a job description and includes everything you ever did.

This is where the ‘HOW‘ you solved similar problems becomes more important than ‘WHAT‘ you actually did, because, if you can clearly demonstrate the ‘HOW’, then you rapidly increase your chances of getting to interview. The ‘HOW” is the skills you used and the attitude you have to solve the ‘WHAT” which is the task or issue.

Well, how do you do that? You do it by starting with the results you got. You include numbers and metrics. Examples could be ‘reduced wastage in the department by 30% over a one-month period by implementing an electronic customer feedback system’. This one line example on your CV shows:

If these skills and attitude are what the employer is looking for, and which employer wouldn’t want them, you’re onto a winner and you’ll get to interview.

This is the difference between you demonstrating in your CV ‘what you can do for the employer‘ versus ‘what you can do’. The former approach will always greatly increase your chances of getting to that all-important interview.

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