You’re already experiencing a disruption in this pandemic. It may be in the form of a furlough, a change in work responsibilities, or a shift to virtual working. One of the reasons people don’t pursue a job switch is because humans dislike change, or specifically the discomfort and ambiguity that comes with changes, even positive changes. It won’t be comfortable or easy, but that already exists in your workplace right now. Why not take the reins to create the future you want instead of being pulled along by a current that doesn’t much care where you end up.

I’m waiting until we go back to normal before taking action……..

The world is changing rapidly and whilst that will eventually level out, we’ll never return to where we were before. If you choose the same route and remain on the path you’ve always been on, it may only be a matter of time before you hit a dead end.

If you’ve worked in a career for the last 5 years, it will not be the same for the next 5. You need to decide if you want to carve out a career or path now or wait for fate to churn you out further down the road. There is no job security now, and even less since the world paused in March 2020.

How can I prepare for what’s coming?

If you have time now, it would be a fantastic opportunity to sharpen your skills by taking one of the many online certification courses there are. If you’re not commuting, or find you have extra time, you can start preparing for the post-Covid employment world by taking on some learning or start that side gig you’ve always thought about. This pandemic has thrown us all a major curveball and you may never get a chance again in your life to focus a bit more on yourself! Stop waiting on ‘normal’, because it just isn’t there anymore, and instead focus on what you always wanted to do.

I was furloughed for several months and now have a long gap in my CV

Gaps are explainable for 2020 and there will never be another time, probably in our lifetimes where we never have to explain gaps in our employment record. Take control of your next step and no matter how it turns out, chances are it will never be any worse than many have already experienced

AGILITY IS KING – adaptability is the skill of the future and there’s no better way to dive into the deep end which is what most people were forced to do. Agility, resilience, and creativity aren’t something you can learn every day, under ordinary circumstances; they’re only really attainable during adversity. Right now, we have adversity in spades so make good use of it. You can’t know how strong you are until your strength is tested at its upper limits and it’s unlikely you’ll get another chance in your lifetime to test your professional agility.

I’m not that good with change…….

Finally, if not now, then when? Humans resist change with every fibre of their being. It’s uncomfortable, anxiety-provoking, ambiguous, and hard. I’ve met so many people who are too afraid to walk away because of the lifestyle they have, their identity, the salary, and the reputation they’ve built because they fear mistakes, embarrassment, or loss.

Mistakes are all the way along the path to growth and embarrassment is when you give others power to shame you and loss, well that’s just a by-product of every change. The things you fear about change, except for the embarrassment as that’s a choice, are just the starting block.

I’ve been thinking about doing something different for ages!

If a career change has been on your mind, remember that most people regret what they haven’t done, more than what they have!

So, consider that when you look back on this moment of choice. If you’ve been waiting for a sign, an excuse or a nudge to get started on your career switch, it’s happening right at this very moment, so go for it.

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