This question worries people, especially those unhappy in their current role. Now, you want to be honest and think about how you want to frame your answer to this question.

Firstly, focus on the role you want to get and impress the potential employers. If you feel you want to leave for more money, that is a totally valid reason and you can frame it as “I really want to work somewhere where my skills are valued”.

If you’re leaving your current job because it’s not going anywhere, or they’re not promoting you, if there’s favouritism or other things happening, you can say “I’m ready for the next challenge; I’m ready to work somewhere where I can grow and lead.

A common reason that people leave their jobs is because they don’t like their boss and you really don’t want to say “I don’t like y boss”. You can say “It was a tough decision. I’m leaving my current employer because I’d like to work somewhere where leadership is more collaborative and where my voice is heard”.

In summary, you want to be honest about it without dragging your current employer through the mud and you can frame it as ‘I’m ready for this next step in my career’.

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