I’ve seen and heard so many different ways people carry out job search. Some quickly scan a job, believe it’s the right one for them and they are for it, and send in that dusty old CV that’s been hibernating on their laptops for a long, long time.

Others may, on a whim, decide the grass will be greener elsewhere and jump ship without a second thought as to what the job is all about, or whether they would fit in with this new environment.

Unemployed or Career Changer?

If you’re serious about changing careers, or you’re unemployed and looking, then job search should become your job.

I’m not advocating you log on at 9am each day and close the laptop at 5pm – not at all, but every day you need to take some kind of job search action to move towards your goal. If you’re not employed, then maximum time spent on job search should be around 4-5 hours, even if it’s every other day.

The majority of your time should be spent on providing a tailored CV to the role and a really strong application. This means you should be thoroughly researching everything you can about the role e.g. speaking to people already doing the job, finding out the company ethos and culture and determining if it really is a good fit for you.

It’s much better to apply to 3 companies with a really strong application than to apply to 10 companies with a mediocre, non-tailored CV. Employers want to know you’ve made the effort to get to know them as well as fully understanding what the role entails.


  1. Thorough job research; find out everything you can about the company and culture
  2. Check your alignment i.e. is the company/role offering what you are looking for and are you right for that role or company in the employer’s eyes?
  3. 100% tailor the CV and covering email to the role – demonstrate how you will add value and how you did this in a previous role

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