Twitter is not often one of the first platforms that job seekers actively go to. It is a little treasure trove of diamonds and if you’re not using it in your job search, you’re probably leaving a lot of your ideal jobs on the table. Many job seekers I work with have Twitter as their ‘go-to’ place for looking for jobs.

Here are some tips to help you look for jobs, do job research on companies, roles, and influencers within your chosen industry:

  1. Create lists – you can create lists of companies/people/experts you would like to target and give each list a name so you know exactly what it contains. People are notified when they are added to a list, and this is flattering, so they will most likely follow you back. These lists are also a great tool for keeping your job search organised. One example might be if you have a list of influencers in a company you are following, you would simply click on the list and see the tweets of all those people.
  2. Use private messages– when people are connected with industry professionals, they can send private messages. You, the job seeker can use this to your advantage by striking up a conversation and that way, building rapport with a potential employer. One word of caution is not to do this too much, and too often, as it could backfire on you.
  3. Follow the trends – check what’s trending in your area of interest on a regular basis. Sometimes it may be the wacky posts about cats doing cartwheels but trust, that over time, you will see your topics emerging, and this way you can quickly see who the influencers are, and who you should follow. Ideally, you want to position yourself as an expert, so when something is trending in your field, consider how you can add – intelligently – to the conversation.
  4. Save searches – Twitter has a built-in search bar for job openings and you are able to filter by location, hiring, seniority level, etc. Once you’ve created your search, you can save it as a list so when you go back into Twitter, instead of seeing your entire feed, you should be able to click on that list and filter updates.
  5. Get ahead of the masses – If you read a rumour tweet from an industry insider about a new department (I.e. new jobs), or you read someone is leaving a position, it might give you a chance to make a speculative approach. You’ll only find these gold nuggets of information if you’re following the right people on Twitter.
  6. How to search – Twitter uses # to search for anything. If you’re looking for Project Manager positions, you would go to ‘explore’ and type in ‘#projectmanagerjobs‘ and similar for any other roles you are looking for. Similarly, if you were targetting a specific company, you would put the # in front of the company name.

Happy tweeting and networking


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